FANNAR EXIM PVT LTD. is a Private Limited company under the companies Act 1956 and is situated in the State of Jamshedpur, state of Jharkhand in India. The present directors are the founding directors of the company and the two of them, highly experienced Engineering professionals have an extensive array of abilities to carry out businesses with respect to their field of activities. After having served for decades in their field the present Directors thought of starting a venture that would serve the best interest of stake holders be it the employers, the manufacturers or the end users.

It will directly or indirectly contribute to finding the end users of various goods or services in Middle East, where there is a huge demand for Indian products and professionals. FANNAR EXIM PVT LTD. wants to be pioneer in the field of trading and supplies of industrial goods to all industries and also Copper and its Scrap exports to these countries where it already has an agreement with potential buyers. FANNAR will contribute to the growing needs of customers for various industries with business ethics and values of Corporate Social Responsibility. It places immense emphasis in delivering goods with Quality, Health safety and Environment concerns.


What We Do

FANNAR EXIM PVT LTD. is engaged in all activities related to trading ,export and import of all types of industrial goods be it mechanical,electrical,instrumentation,Automation,spares for industries in Oil & gas sector,steel industries,aluminium Smelters,petrochemical refineries,pipe and its fittings etc also copper and other metal scrap specially to gulf countries. It intends to manufacture copper or Aluminium extrusion product,export/import engineering goods,equipments,spare parts(heavy industry related)and FMCG., Sourcing of Uniforms ( Coveralls) for shop floors and heavy industries professionals .We will also provide engineering consultancy & manpower consultancy too. & other related services.


The Main Objects of the Company to be pursued on its Incorporation are:

To carry on the business in respect of trading, import & export of all types of Industiral goods and spares also copper and other metal scrap specially to gulf countries. Intends to manufacture copper or aluminum extrusion product, export/ import engineering goods, equipments, spare parts (heavy industry related) and FMCG. We will also provide engineering consultancy& man-power consultancy too. & other related services.

The Objects Incidental or Ancillary to the attainment of the Main Objects:

To pay out of the funds of the Company all costs, charges and expenses of and incidental to the promotion, formation, registration, advertisement and establishment of this Company or the issue of the capital including brokerage & commission for obtaining applications, for all taking, placing or underwriting or procuring the underwriting of shares, debentures or other securities.

To enter into partnership or arrangement for sharing profits, amalgamations, union of interest, cooperation, joint-venture or reciprocal concession, or otherwise or amalgamation or merger with any person or company carrying on or engaged in business or about to carry on or engage in business or transaction which the Company is authorized to carry on or engage in or business undertaking or transaction and to take or otherwise acquire shares and securities of any such Company and to sell, reissue with or without guarantee or otherwise deal with the same.


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